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Pajukoski Wind Farm

Suomen Maastorakentajat’s flagship wind farm project in Ylivieska is advancing under favorable winds.

The Pajukoski Wind Farm in Ylivieska is a joint venture between Finnish Taaleritehdas and German reconcept GmbH. The companies have invested 50 million Euros in the wind farm that will produce 97 GWh of electricity per year – enough to provide power to almost 30 000 apartments. After carefully studying the offers and references from several participants, the international investors and project management consultant TM Voima Service Oy chose Maastorakentajat as the EPC contractor of the project. The agreement was signed in August 2014 and our work at Pajukoski began almost immediately.

Demanding construction

Maastorakentajat’s delivery at Pajukoski includes both design and execution of infrastructure ranging from excavation to concrete construction and electrical cabling. The gravitation foundations supporting the 137 meter tall towers are massive concrete constructions. Over 30 kilometers of subterranean cabling is installed and the farm’s maintenance network is extended with 2,8 kilometers of new roads and 4,8 kilometers of improved roads. Also the substation and main transformer are included in our delivery.

Powered up in autumn

Work in Ylivieska continued without interruptions during winter 2014–2015. At the moment it seems that the finished project will be delivered to the customers well ahead of schedule. After Maastorakentajat’s job is done the towers and turbines will  be installed one by one during summer months so that the entire farm is operational by October 2015.

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Location Client Started Completed Details
Ylivieska, Finland Taaleritehdas, reconcept GmbH 2014 2015